List of Ubuntu Studio packages for making a live DVD ?

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Dec 7 17:47:39 GMT 2009

Hi all.

With another team, team have created a live DVD of Ubuntu 
Studio Karmic 32 bits (we can create also a 64 bits example).
I've tested it this morning on a laptop with only windows XP pro on the 
hard disk. It's working perfectly.

It could be nice to have this iso available for everyone, but we have a 

The guy who has created the live DVD has done a great job, but has 
introduced severals packages which are very important for video editing 
but cause some trouble of licence, as ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer. So this 
DVD is very powerfull because you can edit video in live which is very 
impressive, but illegal in severals countries. I'm gonna complete my 
tests, ardour is also compiled with VST support, and many non free 
improvement are live available.

So where can i found the complete official list of ALL the packages free 
included in the Ubuntu Studio karmic official DVD install disk to 
compare to our beta disk, to create a new one as the official one but 
live, without all forbidden packages  to allow everyone to download it ?

Is it allowed to create it ?

If not, we can create a one, based only on free software 
included in Ubuntu Studio, in live and downloadable.

Thank's for answers.


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