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On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Lindsay Haisley <fmouse at fmp.com> wrote:

> Excellent points, Karlheinz, and a right-on perspective.
> I'm going to chime in in support.  I am an experienced performer and
> musician, have recorded (commercially) a number of my own albums and
> CDs, and at one time owned and operated my own analog recording studio.
> My other hat is as the owner and operator of an online (LAMP-based) web
> and email hosting service, FMP Computer Services, and as a Linux system
> administration consultant.  I get paid for this, too :-)
> On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 10:28 -0500, Karlheinz Noise wrote:
> > > First, there
> > > is the contradictory thought process that wonders why more people don't
> > > contribute to projects like this, while at the same time frowning on
> people
> > > who complain about a tough user experience and telling them to just
> learn
> > > the 'right' way or whatnot.
> >
> > This is important. I blame the fact that the Linux community has too
> > large of a programmer-to-user ratio. That's completely understandable
> > for any sort of DIY community, but if any variety of GNU/Linux wants
> > to break out of its niche market, it needs to explicitly change its
> > goals to attract a user base that is less computer literate.
> *SNIP*

> You make a lot of good points, Karlheinz.
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Lindsay, I agree with a whole lot of what you say, but this line is an
example one of my greatest pet peeves in discussions like this:

"The appropriate response to any criticism would be "if you don't like
it, go buy Pro Tools."

That is absolutely not the appropriate response.  The right response is, in
fact, what a lot of devs on this list do, to their credit.  It is to ask
those with criticisms to participate in development in some way.

A comunity developed project is not well served by telling people to go take
a hike.  And no project anywhere, community-developed or otherwise, is
well-served by deflecting criticism with flippant responses.

-- response
-Brian David
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