Nec Firewire + Edirol fa-66 + Jack

Robert Klaar nim.batu at
Sat Dec 5 23:13:00 GMT 2009

Hi there!
I'm on my new computer and most things work as they should, after a bit of
configuration. One thing I haven't got up and running is my edirol fa-66
firewirecard. So; what I have is a "NEC" chip for the firewire, jack and the
fa-66. The computer realizes the NEC chip and bus-power is also working. I
set jack and my system in general using this guide; and jack starts with the given
settings. However, I test it with audacious and nothing happens, it just
scrolls through my playlist and there's nothing, nada comming out of my
fa-66. I can't help but feel that I've missed a step in all of this, what
might be wrong? I don't even know where I should start troubleshooting. :/

...also there's another more general problem; my router overloads at times
and on my other computers the network just drops dead, and then commes back
when the router's restarted, however; on this one the whole system crashes
down, it lags for a bit, then freezes and nothing to do but to restart. If
anybody has encountered this problem before help is much apreciated.
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