Ubuntu-Studio-users Digest, Vol 32, Issue 1

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sat Dec 5 22:43:29 GMT 2009

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Nice things first: I am about to test 9.10 in deep and at this point I
can say, that it is the best UbuntuStudio I ever had running. Right now
it runs for 6h with settings for crazy 1.3 ms latency and without any
serious trouble so as far as I am concerned: I am fine with 9.10's
RT-kernel :-) :-)
Eric Hedekar schrieb:

> It should be noted that these tweaks are generally ones that audio users
> require, and that Ubuntu Studio is an Audio, Video, and Graphics
> distribution. 

Please, please I mean it: if you could be so kind and spare us the "it
is also for graphics etc " kind of thing.

Nobody I repeat: Nobody would need a specialized Linux distro to work
with graphics. The sole reason to install a distro like Ubuntu Studio is
to get the capabilities to run realtime-stuff. Everything else is just a
few clicks in a package-manager in every Desktop-Distro out there.

Having the magic 2 lines at the end of limits.conf would not hurt
anybody and help all those, who want to run audio. And there is
absolutely NO reason not to put them there out of the box.

bes regards


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