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Brian King baking666 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 21:06:20 GMT 2009

> > i use debian with custom built kernel and it works sweet...ubuntu just
> > hasn't got the right mix for maximum desktop performance and rt yet :-(
> >
> >
> Would you be willing too put your /boot/config-<kernel rev> file up
> for everybody to learn from your customizations?

I'd like to help for sure...but I basically haven't had any success custom
building rt kernel in ubuntu :-(
I figure ubuntu's design has made it difficult to custom build
kernels...they do recommend NOT building your own kernel.

Like I say I installed Debian 5.0 and built vanilla kernel with rt patches
from kernel.org and it works out of the box :-)
Try to do the same thing in ubuntu and you get problems. So it just goes to
show how removed from it's parent it is....

I want to use ubuntu cos of it's state of the art desktop experience but I
think their focus on desktop functionality is causing low level issues with
It's good to see that the standard 2.6.31 kernel is pretty good at non rt
performance with jack in ubuntu ...so hopefully RT will be standard in
kernel in the near future ;-)

Brian King
baking666 at gmail.com

Happily using Linux, Drinking fine beer, Listening to great NZ music...Kiwi
102.2FM/95BFM and a number of online sources eg: Jamendo
Helensville, New Zealand.
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