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Fri Dec 4 19:44:17 GMT 2009

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 12:31 PM, Leo <leoave at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> The CLI is by no means outdated, but of all the classes of tasks one can
> >> do on any computer, the CLI is probably _least_ suited to audio and
> >> multimedia work.
> But with out CLI I would not be able to run wine programs.
> An icon for wine never give good results (maybe it's me)
> but if I do "cd .wine/drive_c/???/???" then "wine program" It runs
> good and if it doesn't I can see the error to fix.
> Leo
I understand the frustration that a lot of experienced users have with those
who do not want to learn to use the ins and outs of a system in order to
best utilize that system.  However, there are a few points that I think many
in the 'just learn Linux and CLI' crowd often don't consider.  First, there
is the contradictory thought process that wonders why more people don't
contribute to projects like this, while at the same time frowning on people
who complain about a tough user experience and telling them to just learn
the 'right' way or whatnot.  Sorry, but you are never going to get people to
join the project if you treat them like that.

Second, and more importantly, developers really need to consider the type of
experience that the average user is going to expect, and in the case of this
project, the average audio/visual designer.  You can rant all you want about
how the CLI is better, but the truth is that the great majority of people
are simply never going to learn to use it.  Doesn't matter whether it is
right or wrong, it just is.  It is perfectly acceptible for designers to
respond by saying 'tough, learn it the way it is', but if so, those same
people should not be surprised if their software always remains a niche
project used by a small group of people, and developed by an even smaller

However, this isn't just any project, this is a derivative of Ubuntu, a
distribution that has the reputation of being THE user-friendly LInux
distro.  A goal of any project carrying that name should be to aim for the
most user-friendly experience.
-Brian David
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