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Ricardo Lameiro ricardolameiro at gmail.com
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2009/12/4 Lindsay Haisley <fmouse at fmp.com>

> On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 17:00 +0000, Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
> > IMHO the BIG problem comes when the users think that a GUI is always
> > better than CLI. Some users think that CLI is very outdated etc...
> The CLI is by no means outdated, but of all the classes of tasks one can
> do on any computer, the CLI is probably _least_ suited to audio and
> multimedia work.  The industry standards for professional recording and
> editing UIs are graphical.  Linux isn't the industry leader, regardless
> of the quality of the Linux CLI and GUI software available.
> The CLI really comes into its own for system administration work, which
> is another thing altogether.

Yes is true, but i wasnt talkning about audio work, but system config. I
never said CLI is good for audio work...

> >  well about that i just tell this:
> > Count the time you take running the menus to start, for example
> > firefox, and the time takes you to type in the CLI firefox.... than
> > you have an idea....
> A proper GUI, including Gnome or KDE, lets me put an icon for Firefox on
> my desktop or toolbar (a one-time operation) which I can click once to
> bring up firefox - faster than typing it in.
YEs you can put it. I have that, I even use the Cairo dock , but firefox was
only an example... I tought it was clear....

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