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Mac McIlvaine suemac at empire.net
Fri Dec 4 12:17:45 GMT 2009

At Friday, 4 December 2009, you wrote:

>There is only one thing I do not understand.why are people wanting 
PROFESSIONALY graded software, If they dont want to learn and how 
to use it????IF it is PRO, IT IS OBVIOUS that it will have a lot 
of function. I think people ask to much... OR it is simple or it 
is pro.
>2009/12/4 Brian King <baking666 at gmail.com>

I think a lot of frustration comes from the whole experience rather 
than a particular software application.

By that I mean, learning to use the functionality of, say, Ardour,
is different from needing to learn how to build the kernel in order 
to get to point where one can begin to learn Ardour. (Imagine if 
everyone had to learn how to culture yeast before they could enjoy 
a good beer...)

In truth, free software does, indeed, have a price...you need to 
learn a bit of computer geekness. ;-)

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