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Ricardo Lameiro ricardolameiro at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 07:20:20 GMT 2009

There is only one thing I do not understand.
why are people wanting PROFESSIONALY graded software, If they dont want to
learn and how to use it????

IF it is PRO, IT IS OBVIOUS that it will have a lot of function. I think
people ask to much... OR it is simple or it is pro. there is little more you
can add up in here
unless you are talking about garageband...... well maybe a lot of people
thing that is pro software........

to have the system running for pro setting, "THAT youCAN'T have in Windoze,
for example, needs teawking, Comand line etc... and it is good. it is easiar
to say write this on the cli, than say go to meu, applications, acessories,
text editor and open the file located in /...../..
or just $sudo cat /hjjkhdss/sdsdf/sdfsdfsd the thing ???

tell me now what is more easy...... not the more graphic, but easy..

just to point out an opinion share by a lot of user on the IRC channel....

2009/12/4 Brian King <baking666 at gmail.com>

> On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 11:58 -0600, stereoplegic wrote:
>> > Try installing the standard Ubuntu kernel. I've had issues w/ the RT
>> > kernel since 8.10. Jack works fine for me w/o the RT kernel (YMMV, I'm
>> > running w/ 3GB of RAM).
>> >
>> Well I'll be buggered sideways! It works perfectly! You are an absolute
>> star....... thank you.
> Yes Jack works well with 2.6.31 kernel in non rt mode....yes you get a few
> xruns but it can be productive in nonrt mode...for some jack apps...i find I
> can accept some latency with midi keyboard and ardour records ok....just got
> to allow for it...I do believe some users don't even realize they are in non
> rt mode and accept the latency as acceptable.....but coming from 2.5msec
> latency you can definitely hear the difference...but still 2.6.31 kernel has
> come along way since 2.6.26 days :-)
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