Laptop and sound card for ubuntu studio

sh0099 sh0099 at
Mon Aug 31 20:53:44 BST 2009

firewire for a soundcard is not bad (or even good) when:
fw-shipset is right (texas instruments for example)
and no irq sharing between fw-shipset and for example graphiccard
i had problems with both at my old dell d600 ... so i only got a stable 
jack-latency at 128 *3 samples, i never got lower with my usb card 
(m-audio duo).

aj at schrieb:
> Hi All,
> Thanks for all the tips I've picked up from this list over the last few
> months. Now I have the usual questions about good hardware to run Ubuntu
> Studio. Looks like I'll have to buy a new laptop in the next month so
> are there any makes/models/chipsets to avoid? I was thinking of an ASUS
> or a Lenovo but please let me know what you've had good experiences with.
> Currently I have a Emu 1616m PC Card sound card but that might have to
> be replaced because a lot of new laptops don't have the right slot. Also
> I can't get MIDI to work. Do you find USB or Firewire interfaces give
> lower latency? Would it be a good idea to use FFADO and pick a card
> that's fully supported? Again hardware that you've had good luck with
> and not over about $300 or so would be really great to hear about as
> would any gotchas.
> Cheers!
> AJ

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