Windows 7 on MBR

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Fri Aug 21 02:03:33 BST 2009

I have a really idiotic way of fixing dual boots..
Go into the BIOS and disable the windows drive, when I want to run linux,
and enable windows and disable  the linux drive when wanting to run windows.

Of course you have to have two drives configured, but the windows drive
see the linux.. However, linux if you install it on another drive will see
the windows drive
anyway and setup grub to allow you to boot from windows. But if all else
fails, this
trick always works for me. The machine I use is a Dell Dimension 9150.. I've
had nothing
but good experiences with it.

BTW Dell Financial Services sells my Dell 9150 for 280 dollars now. It's
well worth
it if you are looking for inexpensive linux box (it's screwless with qualtiy
I've got a video of me replacing a graphics card in it here:   (goto to 4:16)

Here is the URL for Dell financial services (set it up to show you the
Dimension 9150's):

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