FYI -- Just to let you know of potential sound problems

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Thu Aug 20 01:21:37 BST 2009

It will only tell you the same thing.. It just covers some other things that
permit the speed up of 9.04 . That's why I was mentioning it..

> Thanks.
> Esound is what I was using before. It uses oss (or in my case, I think,
> alsa-oss).
> I was using the following set of directions, and they worked until
> recently.

I haven't deinstalled alsa, so it must be doing something like that.
When I have sound problems, I usually try compiling and installing alsa from
the alsa website. Ubuntu resources tend to be out of date. I had to do this
for my acer aspire to get it sound support on Ubuntu.  I've got a Aspire
dual booted for XP and Ubuntu Studio 9.04 (ZynAddSubFx works pretty well on
it too), all without formatting the hard drive (gparted is cool).

> sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source
> sudo module-assistant a-i   alsa-source
> reboot

I think to compile alsa, you just get "build-essentials"
and "make".  Then you download the "driver" tar file, unarchive the source,
and do the usual

cd source_folder_here
chmod 755  ./configure     # or 644 or whatever you are comfortable with
./configure                       # checks dependencies and configures
make                              # compiles everything
sudo make install            # installs it..

The "build-dep" part of apt comes in useful if you have to compile something
like Wine which has a lot of dependencies.. But alsa doesn't have any
unusual dependencies, it should do well on a base install of Ubuntu (and
build-essentials and make installed).

> Maybe I'll try again, and watch your video.
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