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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed Aug 19 17:55:20 BST 2009

Kiernan Holland wrote:
>> I think any single theme, is a bad idea.. IF it's going to be about
>>  creativity, it should permit a wide range of themes, and these
> should be
>> community created.. That means the elements should be accessible
>> and selective by the community, as what good is a creative
>> operating
> system if
>> the elements of the interface are not being created by it's
> creative users.
> I'm sorry but I gotta say that's a bit naive. (but completely 
> understandable)
> What's naive about simplicity?
Simplicity is not always the best.  Some things need to be complex.
Ardour, Blender, Pro-Tools, Autocad, these are examples of things that I
believe are necessarily complex.  Of course I still believe that there
is room for improvement in usability, but I do not think that simplicity
should always be the goal.

> Some people make things complex for politics sake.. I thought Linux 
> would grow, if it could leave behind the politics of commercial
> software development behind.. But I guess I was wrong.
Blind, slavish devotion to simplicity is also not a good perspective,
you end up with neutered products that are not all that useful.  I
wonder what you mean by "if it could leave behind the politics of
commercial software development behind"?  Most open source developers
that I know make software that they actually want to use, not something
that was built to satisfy some sales or marketing checklist.

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