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Mon Aug 17 23:41:36 BST 2009

I think the logo is all that needs to remain constant..
And we have that..

>> I just wanted to raise the subject of Art development and management
>> within Ubuntu Studio.  As many of you may know, Cory Kontros has stepped
>> away from the project for personal reasons and he had previously been
>> spearheading the art portion of Ubuntu Studio.  It's my opinion that Cory
>> left us with a great default art set, but if it's left to sit still, chances
>> are our users will find it stale soon enough.  That's why I'd like to put a
>> call out for a new art manager.  The ideal candidate will not be placed
>> directly into this position, she/he will have to show they deserve it.
>> However, they should have knowledge of theming all aspects of the gnome
>> desktop (including boot splash and GDM).  Is anyone out there interested?  I
>> think the first step is to upload your work/modifications/etc... to either a
>> new launchpad bzr or to the user art page in the wiki.  Second step would be
>> to talk to the dev team in either #ubuntustudio-devel or on the development
>> mailing list.
>> -Eric
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