Help with M-Audio Delta 66 and ALSA

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at
Fri Aug 14 20:31:52 BST 2009

Thanks to those who replied to my question.

I believe I already have a realtime kernel on this system (it's running
kernel v2.6.23) but in any event I don't need that level of performance
at this time.  The box handles normal audio tasks just fine and tracks
single streams of audio at CD sampling rates without a problem.

I don't have the time to learn a new technology here.  I've spent about
3 hours reading and experimenting with JACK and ALSA today, to no avail
(on top of untold hours I've spent in the past trying to come up to
speed on ALSA and its components and get similar stuff to work).  I'm
just going to have to put up with the D->A->D conversion for the time
being if I want to input from the digital recorder and screw the IEC958
channel transfer, or else sacrifice the editing I've done with Marantz
EDL marks on the recorder and redo it in Audacity.  I was hoping someone
on this list had encountered this problem before and could give me some
quick tips for accessing the signal from the S/PDIF input on the Delta
66 card, but I don't have time to jack around (pun intended ;).  It
really seems as if this sort of thing should be easy.  Card has input -
program needs stream from card's input - hit a switch, make a patch,
and/or turn up a fader and it should be a done deal.  Oh well....

Thanks again.

On Fri, 2009-08-14 at 20:09 +0300, Asmo Koskinen wrote:
> Lindsay Haisley kirjoitti:
> > How would I use JACK?  I'm not familiar with it.  Does it have a UI of
> > any kind?  Is there a HOWTO somewhere on using it?
> Here is something to read for start.
> Dave use Delta 66 and jackd every day.
> Next thing is that you need real time kernel, if you start to use jackd. 
> Here for Gentoo.
> -----
> I do use Delta 66 ( but I do not 
> use digital ins/outs, just analog ones (break out box). I do have Echo 
> AudioFire 4 firewire soundcard, too.
> I do everything with jackd (both Delta 66 and AudioFire 4).
> I do not have any digital recorder to put in Delta 66 and I do not use 
> Gentoo, so sorry for that, I can't help more here.
> Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.
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