Addition(s) to the Video Meta package

Ronan Jouchet ronan at
Sat Aug 1 12:38:48 BST 2009

Hi Eric, hi everybody,

My two cents about LiVES:
  - Though not officially in ubuntu, it is currently regularly packaged 
by the getdeb team ( Does it mean it 
can be easily suggested via REVU?
  - Note also that it has been maturing quite nicely recently, and seems 
IMHO one of the most well-maintained apps mentioned here.

I added salsaman (LiVES author) to this discussion.


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> Subject: Addition(s) to the Video Meta package
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> Hi Everyone,
>       I've seen a number of posts to the forums asking about live video
> adjustment software, VJ software and the like.  There actually is a large
> amount of this available for Linux but none in the Ubuntu Studio video meta
> package.  Here's a quick list of what I've stumbled upon:
> * FreeJ     packaged:
> * EffecTV      packaged:
> * frei0r plugins:     packaged:
>  (more of a
> library than a software package)
> * GEM library for Pure Data     packaged:
> * PDvjtools     not packaged (yet)
> * VeeJay    not packaged (yet)
> * Gephex      not packaged (yet)
> * Lives   not packaged (yet)
> Personally I think any one of these softwares would make a great addition to
> the video meta package, but seeing as I'm not a video junkie I really am not
> sure if they'll get used.  This e-mail is to judge public interest/support
> for such an addition to the meta, and if it's positive, which of the above
> (or possibly one I haven't listed) would be best?
> Logically, adding one that's already in the repositories would be easiest
> for Karmic, but if packaging wasn't a stumbling block I'd prefer to see
> VeeJay added (purely based on the look of it's user interface).  The
> libraries for Pure Data would also be nice additions since Pure Data is
> already included in the audio meta.  FreeJ also looks good.  Thoughts?
> -Eric Hedekar

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