Upgrading to Studio from within Jaunty

jag32266 jag32266 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 13:17:31 BST 2009

running 9.04

Been reading how you have suggested installing etc and now I'm concerned I did it wrong and should un-install Studio to re-install it in the correct manner.
I had installed Studio by using my System update manager and doing a search for "ubunto studio". I picked the packets from the list it offered, which was pretty mush most of them. After reading some of the recent email it sounds as if I went about it the wrong way. I've tried some of the apps and they, a few, don't open. And it seems my system will hang up after running for a short while in just some web browsing mode, email, etc and NOT running Studio.I've got Sleep mode turned off but it still will go into this "type" of mode- in that the screen saver (matrix) will stop and my screen goes black. Can't get it to re-awake when it does this and have to re-boot.
After reading the recent post it would seem I need to un-install Studio and then re-install it per instructions on the web pages- am I correct in my assumption?
I am a newbie to Ubuntu and would like to do this correctly, un-installing that is. Are there pages that could help.I promise to read this time.I had wrongly assumed if I installed thru Packet Mgr I'd do it correctly and I am reading a book on Linux- it's just going slow. I had heard about Studio and in my strong desire to leave MS I leaped on it. Sorry to trouble but I'd really appreciate and and all help.
I recently found this list and hope to be better prepared from this point on.
I enjoy editing my DV movies (vacation, concert, etc) in Adobe Premiere Elements and was hoping Ubuntu would have something comparable. It seems that Studio might fit that bill ;)

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