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> I'm not sure what specific issues you might run into, I'm getting my info  
> from this old e-mail from Cory K.:

> "Just a note: This current chat was my concern. Grabbing -desktop grabs
> -settings and -menu. This will cause issues. If it already hasn't been
> set to conflict in Jaunty, it will be. This "side grade" will be
> investigated. I think the future recommendation will to only grab the
> multimedia metas and the art.

> -Cory K."

> It doesn't go into details, though I think later in that thread he  
> mentions there are issues when either upgrading to a new version of  
> Ubuntu, or of you try to side-grade back to a regular Ubuntu install.

> Also, you're right that the Ubuntu Studio Preparation documentation  
> doesn't mention at all that you can just download the metapackages. This  
> is something that someone should probably just take the initiative and  
> write (Hey, maybe even me.) Like many people, I'm familiar with this way  
> of side-grading from doing it with older versions and reading this list.

Resending this post, because I just realized I sent it to only Natalia and  
not the whole list.

Also, I realize now that Natalia was referring to the bottom-post policy. I  
don't think this is mentioned on the website anywhere. It probably should  
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