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I also use Rackarrack: I puit my guitar on Ardour to record, but also route
the output to Rackarrack and get some nice reverb/choruse there, which is
actrually not recorded on Ardour.
Another good machine is jack Rack - (an Fx machine) - route your guitar to
jack Rack, route the output of it to your speakers and you get nice sound


On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 8:00 PM, <mark at> wrote:

> Quoting teza <tsaliou75 at>:
> > Hi everybody, I've got a question. How can you ear the ffets you put on
> > a track while recording? Because vhenI some effect on my guitar I can
> > ear them while playing, which is not easy.
> > Thanks for your help
> > regards
> > Teza
> >
> Depends on how you route your effects.
> One method I use is to send the outputs of my jack rack both to the ardour
> track
> as well as my sound card output (monitor send) (using qjackctl connections)
> You can also allow ardour to monitor the track as it records if I remember
> correctly.
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