kernel-rt solution

Loop Dundee studiof451 at
Thu Apr 30 15:06:15 BST 2009

Hi there,

the new Jaunty-9.04 is out. Fine, but where is the solution for the
current kernel-rt? Is there any plan or hint, how can i stop the
constant running cpu? Many friends of studioubuntu had send there
problems with RT to this list, but.. no answer.

The cpu runs nonstop at round +- 10%, therefore the fans working with a
lot of noise and never stops.

In the moment, it is not possible to run Jaunty as a stable
audio-workstation. Seq24 crashes directly and a lot of other sound
software has problems with the current mishmash soundsystem, especially
pulse. :/

There is no real difference between beta and official release.

I think about to go back to my working hardy-64-lts.

Is there anybody that has a solution?

Greetings - Loop Dundee

Mashine:Notebook: HP-DV6000, ICH8, Intel-T7500:

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