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Wed Apr 29 06:46:04 BST 2009

On Apr 29, 2009 12:45am, beejunk at wrote:
> Well, I've tried to install Open Office on top of Ubuntu Studio before,  
> but the GUI is all sorts of messed up. This is what led me to think it  
> was some technical reason why it was left out.

> I understand perfectly well that Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia suite, but  
> I personally use Office suites quite a bit while working on design and  
> audio stuff, so that's the reason I ask. I am also familiar with how to  
> add software. Seriously, this was a simple question that did not demand  
> nor require an odd (and rude) lecture about Ubuntu vs. Windows.

> Anyway, I don't wish this to turn into another flame thread. Does anyone  
> else have a suggestion as to how to get Open Office working smoothly  
> under Ubuntu Studio, or if even such a thing is wise?

Apologies about the top posting there. Wasn't paying attention.

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