Fwd: Multiple Linux Operating Systems on Grub, Help or Info appreciated

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Tue Apr 28 21:03:17 BST 2009

[I posted this on LAU,  but as it's Ubuntu Studio related, I am reposting it
here as well]

A  small history,

I am using Ubuntu Studio for a year now, and with the release of 9.04
Jaunty, I decided to do a clean install of it.
As for a long time a wanted to try Studio64, I decided to partition my hard
disk and install that as well (Studio64 2.1)
I also like and need Frescobaldy, but I just couldn't install it on a Debian
platform, so I decided to make one more partition and install Open Suse
Finally, I made one more partition for future OS tests and one partition for
the files.
All in all, on my 500gb hard disk I created 6 partitions and installed the
OS's in the following order:
50gb partition 1 : Ubuntu Studio
50gb partition 2: Open Suse
50gb partition 3: Studio64
50gb partition 4: empty
180gb partition 5: files
20gb partition 6: swap

Now, of course, every OS created it's own boot loader and when I finally
installed Studio64, although it recognised the other OS's, and gave me the
option to boot into them, a Grub error 12 would appear (no files).

Browsing Forums, I bumped across Grub Super Disk and I am able to boot into
every single OS from there. But alas, I am not literate enough to create a
valid menu.lst on the master boot record.

I would appreciate any hints or (links to) simple and clear instructions on
the net. I am ready to reinstall all the OS's if needed. I start to
understand that a small separate /boot partition would be very useful, but I
don't have a clue how to set it up.

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