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On Apr 26, 2009 5:18pm, "Cory K." <coryisatm at gmail.com> wrote:
> aYo Binitie wrote:

> It's not up to me anymore though I carry influence. Jaunty was my last

> release doing anything in a *official* capacity. I have other very

> important life matters to attend to for now.

> The project in a fragile state atm and people poppin' off because their

> frustrated won't solve anything. On the contrary, it could just make the

> remaining guys say "F**k it.".

> This release is the best we could make it. You don't like it, learn what

> you need to to make things better.

> -Cory K.

Look, since we're on the subject of tone, I'm not sure why people on the  
dev team here continue to waste their time being insulted. I mean, for  
godssake, it's the internet. These things happen all the time.

And for that matter, how do you even know that Mac's remarks were flippant?  
There's a chance that the he/she's the most meager person ever, and if you  
heard them say the same remarks in person then they would come across as  
very humble. Maybe right this moment they feel bad because they realize  
they're e-mail was taken the wrong way. EVERYONE knows that tone doesn't  
translate on the interwebs. I thought everyone on the planet was over this  

And to end my rant, you respond to the people who provide helpful  
criticism, and you ignore the rest. Don't feed the trolls and all that. No  
reason to ever be insulted by an e-mail.

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