Upgrading with Update Manager Incurs Huge Data Loss!!!

Eric Stewart estewart734 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 20:42:47 BST 2009

I still have an unbootable system.  I tried reinstalling Ibex and doing
another update from there but ended up with an unbootable system - just the
word "bug" followed by hundreds of digits grouped in columns and rows with
no way out of that screen when I start up.  The only reason I was able to
access any files at all is because I booted from the CD.  In other words,
updating with update manager is probably creating problems for more than
just me but as people get back online after suffering this, we will start to
hear more about it, at least at the forums.

I am now on my third attempt and am hesitant to upgrade from 8.10 at all.
After all, I need to use this machine.

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Eric Stewart a ?crit :
> I was assured by someone at Ubuntu Forums that if I use update manager
> that no data will be written over.   What ended up happening is that
> when it was finished and restarted I just got an error with no
> possible options to go any further.  I am using my 8.10 CD right now
> to try to recover some but some folders I will not be able to back up
> because somehow, I don't have permission to read them!

Hi Eric,

that's not a trouble. If your are using a live CD, juste became root with

sudo su + enter

as root, change the right over theses folders with

chmod 777 -R /folder_name/

then, you should be able to read, write and execute them.

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