Ubuntu Studio 8.04 -> 9.04 upgrade

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Sun Apr 26 06:46:49 BST 2009

Michael Sullivan a écrit :
>> Thanks for the advice, Scott, I'm actually going to try to do this 
>> with the release of Jaunty, now that I feel more comfortable with 
>> Linux in general. At the moment, I can't use Ubuntu Studio properly 
>> for my production machine because of the somewhat broken state of the 
>> Ubuntu Ardour packages. So I'm going to set up one Jaunty regular 
>> partition, and one Studio partition so that I can continue testing 
>> Studio and hopefully help out in its development in any way I can. 
> Is Ardour in 9.04 broken??  I guess I don't know what "somewhat broken" 
> implies.  If it is broken, there are going to be a lot of sad people!
hi Michael.

Ardour 2.7 in jaunty 9.04 is not broken and works perfectly with the new 
RT kernel.

I think (not sure) that hardy directly to jaunty is impossible.

Even you have an RT kernel under hardy, you can upgrade first to 
intrepid and then to jaunty.

here is the way you should do this (backup your important works and 
files in an external usb-drive  to keep them alive for safety)

under hardy, reboot on the generic kernel, not the RT one, and 
update/dist-upgrade your hardy completly.

Then, change your sources.list file to upgrade to intrepid, and with 
theses commands lines, do the upgrade.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

when the upgrade is finish, reboot only on generic kernel to get back to 
intrepid desktop.

change your sources.list again to upgrade to jaunty without launching 
any programs, as it is said few lines before.

When the upgrade has been done, reboot on generic kernel to insure 
everything is good. Have a look to synaptic to see if linuxrt package is 
installed, if not, do it.

Reboot and use the arrow keyboard under grub to choose RT jaunty to 
boot, now you're under Jaunty RT.

I've done this, upgrading using the generic kernel works, and the RT 
kernel is going to be installed if you starting from hardy.

even the upgrade is not very well done, never forget that the important 
and personnal files are keep safe on the hard disk and that you can get 
them by using an external usb drive/key (large one) by using jaunty 
ubuntu live CD which can mount internal HD and external devices.


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