raw1394, good right for all during startup ?

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> > > Cory K. a écrit :
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> > >> I /believe/ a fix for Ubuntu Studio Controls was just accepted for  
> this.
> >
> > >> Can anyone confirm?
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> > >> -Cory K.

> Well, it's getting there. . .

> First off, I can confirm that on my box, Ubuntu Studio Controls is now  
> editing /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules. Something a little odd  
> happened in my case, though. USC removed the line that said "#firewire  
> device" (or something similar. You know, the comment line that says what  
> device is affected) and replaced it with KERNEL=="raw1394", GROUP="disk",  
> which should in theory be fine, except that it did not remove the  
> KERNEL=="raw1394" line that is there by default, directly below that  
> line, which places raw1394 in the 'video' group. Whether or not this  
> matters, it did not work for me and I could not start JACK. So, I went  
> ahead and removed that default KERNEL=="raw1394" line to see if that  
> worked, and after restarting the computer, the group for /dev/raw1394 had  
> indeed changed to "disk". That's a step forward, except that this still  
> did not work, and I could not start JACK. Is there any reason  
> /dev/raw1394 being owned by 'disk' would not give me the right  
> permissions?

> Anyway, I then just did what I usually have to do, which is to change the  
> line to say GROUP="audio", put myself in the 'audio' group, and voila, it  
> works again.

> Hope this helps.

> --Brian

> Hope that helps.

You know, after reading Eric's response, I'ma bit confused. USC definitlely  
added the GROUP='disk' line to my 50-udev-default.rules file, but it seems  
like Eric is saying that it is supposed to change the group to 'video'.  
Although, maybe it did this when I unchecked raw1394 access in the USC GUI  
at some point. So the other question I have is, if you're saying that USC  
is supposed to be putting firewire devices in the 'video' group, does imply  
that I should just be making a 'video' group and putting myself in it? As  
opposed to the 'audio' thing I have been doing (which is, I believe, what  
was recommended practice for Ibex)?

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