jaunty, RT, ATI, 3D acceleration

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Mon Apr 20 08:35:10 BST 2009

Hi all,

This is my last test of jaunty studio.

There is still a large trouble with ATI 3D Flgrx driver with Jaunty RT 
32 bit kernel.

my laptop to test :

- dual-core Pentium 4-2 Ghz ; 4 Go ram ; ATI radeon HD3470 256 Mo

under hardy

- hardy studio 64 - ATI 3D flrgx - RT kernel (production system) : Ok 
for all, 3D acceleration gives excellents results

under jaunty

- jaunty studio 32 - ATI 2D open driver - RT kernel : ok for all, very 
small 3D acceleration, video editing tools are slowest during video effects.

- jaunty studio 32 - ATI 3D Fligrx - RT kernel : boot ok, i can hear the 
first sound of gdm appear but the image is a mid of black and colored 
square, if i give my user name/password, i can connect the desktop (i 
can hear the music of opening clearly) but without seeing something, the 
screen keeps his view. If i tried the CRTL+ALT+F2 to open a terminal, 
the system reboot suddenly !!! Nothing is possible.

- jaunty studio 32 - ATI 3D Fligrx - generic kernel : Ok for all, 3D 
acceleration gives medium results, video readers are slowed, same thing 
for video editing tools.

So if you need to use 3D acceleration and RT kernel under ubuntu with an 
ATI card, Hardy Studio is still the best at this time.

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