Forging a new path.

Derek Parr derek at
Sun Apr 12 06:06:40 BST 2009

I started using ubuntu studio because I thought it was a graphics
centric distro.   It is not, and I came to realize it never was, and
apparently was never intended to be.  There is some overlap in such
things as video editing, but beyond the occasional use of audacity,
audio and the visual mediums are completely different.  Given the
complications, they probably should never been combined in the first
place.  I`m sure I`m not the only visual artist who started using this
distro thinking it was for visual artists as well as audio. I eventually
realized I was wrong, particularly when I joined this list.  What I am
saying is that putting all the visual stuff in as an after thought by
distro developers who are more interested in audio, and stating that the
distro is for 2d, 3d, video, and audio creatives equally was misleading.
I would not be surprised that the opinion that most users of ubuntu
studio are audio people comes from the fact that visual people realize
that that is what it is made for and move on.  I kinda moved on too.  I
use ubuntu studio on my main workstation still, but heh, it actually has
a nice theme on by default, and I've already gotten pretty much
everything installed that i want.  I've been on this list for a while
too, but stopped paying attention when I realized nobody was ever going
to talk about anything other than audio.  It is odd that I actually
bothered to read this particular thread.

There is definately a need for a 2d, 3d, video, web design, and creative
multimedia based (easy to use ubuntu-type) distro.  It is surprising
that there doesn't seem to be anything like that available.

I'm no programmer, but I guess I know enough to make such a thing.  But
heh, like everyone else, I don't have a lot of free time either.

well...   since we were on the subject..  I felt like I should let some
of these thoughts I have been having out.

To the ubuntu-studio people, thanks for what you have accomplished.


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