Normalizing Audio Levels using RMS

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Tue Apr 14 18:59:32 BST 2009

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Viktor Mastoridis wrote:
> Hi Linux Audio Geeks
> In my musical prehistory, while I was on Windows, I used to use a
> program called SoundForge that had one very useful feature: normalizing
> audio levels with RMS, even using the Equal Loudness Contour
> For a whole year I am struggling now to find something similar on Linux,
> without much success.
> Any help/hints will be much appreciated.
There are a number of applications that can normalize audio.  From the
command line the lame mp3 encoder can increase the gain and do some
basic EQ tweaking.  mencoder is another command line option.
normalize-audio is yet another command line tool for this job.

On the GUI front audacity is the application that most closely resembles
sound forge.  Under the "Effect"  menu is a normalize option.

It should also be noted that audacity will run under Windows as well.

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