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sandie sandie at
Tue Apr 14 16:10:27 BST 2009

Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
>> 2. As I understand, most who use Ubustu for audio-purpose, doesn't use
>> Pulse. It's the first thing I disable when I install a fresh Ubustu, and
>> the most common question I get when I install it for a fellow mussician,
>> is why Ubustu doen't have a "without Pulse" option in the install, or
>> maybe just as an option in ubuntu-studio-controls ?
>> I managed to make a small Python gui program that (among other things)
>> disables Pulse permanently or just for the sesion, but allthou it works
>> (at least on my pc), I don't understand half of the code myself.
> Would you share that python code with us? :) We could work in adding
> it to ubuntustudio-controls. It will certainly help with the
> pulseaudio yes-or-no battle :P
Of course :-)
I have mentioned it before on this list, but didn't get much response, 
so I didn't think it was relevant.
All of my projects are available on my website under 
python, but I have only been using python for a couple of months, so 
please do not expect too much, all I realy did was use the bash commands 
I found elsewhere and add a little Python.
> You say below that you would love to contribute but don't know how to
> package. Yet you have a very useful python app. Packaging is just one
> of the vertices of the project.
> Please, anyone interested to contribute to the project, even if you
> only have 20 minutes every week. Contact Gustin Johnson, there are
> contribution tasks for every range of knowledge, interest, and time
> available.
It would be cool if we had a "to do list" (like someone else mentioned), 
and I would be happy to help building and maintaining an online version 
of this.
As I mentioned my Python skills are somewhat limited, but I would love 
to help any way I can.

btw. should I just contact Gustin Johnson by mail, or is there a IRC 
where he hangs out ?


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