Forging a new path.

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Tue Apr 14 11:50:50 BST 2009

Cory K. a écrit :
> With Jaunty's impending release, the dev team has given thought to
> Karmic and the projects future. I will attempt to form cohesive thoughts
> for us all to consider. :)

Hi Cory and everyone.

We are very please to work with guys like UBS team. We Know the large 
work you have done, and all improvements switched in UBS. We have done 
our best to improve video editing under free software to complete UBS 's 

I'm agree with you when you said many UBS user need only audio-editing 
tools as Jack and Ardour. Few as us need also video/image editing tools.

To my mind, UBS is the most complete multimedia editing free solution. 
It's possible to do the same things with another GNU/Linux distros, but 
in everycase it's more difficult for a beginner or someone, trying to 
let the propriotary software behind him.

Removing pulse-audio from UBS is a bad idea I think, because, many 
important program need it to allow complete multimedia editing solutions.

I think that creating a only jack distro is a bad choice, because it 
already exist, it's jack lab. The closest distro of UBS in mind is 
ArtistX, i'never tested it

In all the cases, many thanks for all the work done. In France, in a 
famous free software website, there's an advise who says :

"the road is long, but the way is free"

This the true of GNU/Linux.



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