Sequencer to control MIDI drum machine?

Scott ubuntustudio at
Sun Apr 12 22:30:28 BST 2009

Can anyone suggest which sequencer I should use to control my Alesis SR-16 drum 
machine?  It's plugged into the MIDI IN/OUT of my Echoaudio Audiofire-12.  I've been 
trying to get Muse to work but its documentation is incomplete with regard to 
controlling external devices.  I think my confusion lays with how to configure the 
patch in qjackctl.

Essentially I just want a piano-roll type interface to program drum patterns to use as 
scratch tracks when I'm recording guitar/bass solo.  Hydrogen is appealing but it 
crashes whenever I try to configure it for use with Jack.

My MIDI tab in jack patch shows SYSTEM:
	MC12_dev0_Unknown11 -> MP12_dev0_Unknown11

The ALSA tab in jack patch shows 14:Midi Through:
	0:Midi Through Port-0 -> 0:Midi Through Port-0

When I start Muse, the ALSA tab includes 129:MusE Sequencer:
	0:MusE Port 0 -> 0:MusE Port 0

Unfortunately I'm not as versed in the syntax and terminology of MIDI as I am in 
general audio recording so I'm not sure what everything is referring to.  I have a 
USB-MIDI adapter handy if using the AF12 is unsupported.  TIA!


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