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Sun Apr 12 15:06:31 BST 2009

On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Cory K. <coryisatm at> wrote:
> So far, this email has done what I intended. And luckily you guys have
> been able to remain critical without resorting to childish language.

Maybe because some of us are genuinely sincere in our enthusiasm to
see UBS go forward as part of a wider linux profile, towards a greater

> While some opinions as to what we are and have tried to achieve have
> been a little off the mark, I'll just let that go because this is really
> all about the future.

Ok, i'll ask. Which future? I already said i was perturbed at seeing
pulse audio included, as i think it doesn't add anything to a
dedicated audio distro. That's just my view based on what i perceive
an audio specific distro to be. But as this thread already shows, i'm
not on my own (and i have no doubt there will be equally valid
opinions to the contrary). It's your choice which direction UBS takes,
and ours as users, and sometimes testers, and modest contributors in ,
as to our perception of what UBS gives us in the process of writing
music. As users we have to weigh up the time we have for writing
music, and time spent maintaining our system. But i've also discovered
in life that a self assessment of a project, and a sometimes hard
appraisal of where it's going can be highly useful when trying to keep
the train on the track, so to speak. Maybe this is UBS's time.

> Also, it's been lacking in what anyone is willing to actually *do* for
> this future but it's still early. :)

Well, you need to quantify contribution. Some of us can't code, and
like you, work for a living. I'll only speak for myself here, but i
spend every moment i can, when not writing/working, testing, and
trying to make some sort of even modest contribution. I'm also a
clumsy linux audio PR chap, and attempt to 'spread the word' with
patience, explanation, and occasionally the odd bout of strident
enthusiasm. Not everything can be put on a list, and ticked as 'A
contribution'. It can often be more subtle than that. You don't know
how many people i, or others, been in contact with, or seen the hours
spent talking them through an install, and the challenges that may
arise. I do my best, sometimes getting it right and wrong, but i think
it's a little strong to suggest there's only a few that make a
contribution. Some of us are out in the trenches, and can't always
appear in the office. :)

> I also want Luis to take over this chat so I'll just let things run for now.
> -Cory K.

And again, i wish you all the very best Cory, whatever direction you
take. It's my continuing view that there's a large group of audio
users who continue to appreciate the effort you and many others put in
on our behalf in the linux audio world, and the generosity of not only
time, but selflessly shared expertise, that gives use great tools to
work with, and the enjoyment that goes with using those tools.

The linux audio journey, be it with UBS or something else, remains
enjoyable, and full of thoroughly interesting surprises.



Parchment Studios (It started as a joke...)

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