Forging a new path.

sandie sandie at
Sun Apr 12 12:37:42 BST 2009

Like every single one on this list, I have the utmost respect for the 
Ubustu-team and their work.

To me... the force of Ubustu is that I don't have to dualboot, I can use 
the same distro for making music, online banking, python/php-programming 
and games.
There's are a lot of distros out there that's "audio-only", and allthou 
I have tried most of them, I always come back to Ubustu, mainly because 
of it's ability to do all the things I want to do on my computer.

There is however two things that I find confusing with Ubustu.

1. I know that it's an unpopular subject, but I use wine for some audio 
things, and by the traffic on my website where I host a script for 
installing wineasio, I can see that I'm not the only one, but aparently 
JAD is one of the only audio-distros that support wineasio ?

2. As I understand, most who use Ubustu for audio-purpose, doesn't use 
Pulse. It's the first thing I disable when I install a fresh Ubustu, and 
the most common question I get when I install it for a fellow mussician, 
is why Ubustu doen't have a "without Pulse" option in the install, or 
maybe just as an option in ubuntu-studio-controls ?
I managed to make a small Python gui program that (among other things) 
disables Pulse permanently or just for the sesion, but allthou it works 
(at least on my pc), I don't understand half of the code myself.

I would love to contribute in any small way I can, but looking at the 
packaging videos at youtube by MOTO, it became clear to me why I'm not a 
developer :-) many of the things are total greek to me (and I'm not from 
Greece), so I started trying to write some small Python apps to get a 
better understanding of it all, but still... seeing just what it takes 
to make a "simple" package, gives me more reason to admire the work you 
all put into this.
I am an exelent copy-paster and a skilled button clicker, but that's 
all, even compiling a kernel is something that makes my head hurt.
I know that it would mean more trivial work for the team, but perhaps a 
more detailed "what can I do" would help in the long run.


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