Jaunty beta + RT + Jackd + Ardour, it works ;-D

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Wed Apr 8 17:40:19 BST 2009

Luke Yelavich a écrit :
> On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 02:24:03AM EST, laurent.bellegarde wrote:
>> then i have a look to laurent un user, and see that in groups, there was 
>> no audio group. I add one, and tick laurent and root as members of this 
>> group, i've done a new reboot, and now i can launch qjackctl + ardour on 
>> RT without any xruns at 2,9ms latency !!!
> Yes I've just confirmed this. This should be fixed as of the next daily CD images for fresh installs.
> Luke
Yes, that's great !

Another news, we have tested a lot jaunty in video editing, many things 
works fine, few bugs have been detected, we are looking for solutions, 
trouble have been identified.

Jaunty should be an excellent ubuntu !!!


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