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Tom Poe wrote:
> aYo Binitie wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Cory K. <coryisatm at 
>> <mailto:coryisatm at>> wrote:
>>     Tom Poe wrote:
>>     > aYo Binitie wrote:
>>     >> AFAIK all you do is to go to your Synaptic and select the
>>     UbuntuStudio
>>     >> desktop package and do on and install.
>>     >>
>>     > Found it!  Thanks, much.
>>     >
>>     Well, -desktop isn't the best thing to grab as it also grabs
>>     -settings.
>>     Grabbing everything *but* -desktop, -settings and -menu should be fine
>>     for "normal" users. Using the rest over top of a Ubuntu install *will*
>>     work but can cause issues if you remove later. They are best left to
>>     advanced users.
>>     -Cory K.
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>> Perhaps but,UStudio desktop is way prettier as is the UStudio boot 
>> loader.  Definitely worth the gamble.
>> [a]
> Gambling is fun.  If it all gets messed up, I go to applications -> 
> add/remove?

The point Cory was trying to make was that if you install the -desktop
metapackage and then remove it later, you may have problems.  In which
case you can just reinstall a vanilla Ubuntu 8.04 (you could fix it
without a reinstall, but this may be more effort than its worth if you
do not know where to look and what to do).

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