8.10 & rt kernel?

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed Apr 1 01:25:22 BST 2009

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Cory K. wrote:
> Luke Yelavich wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 09:30:26AM EST, Gustin Johnson wrote:
>>> If you are still interested you can grab the .debs from:
>>> https://www.meganerd.ca/files/linux/
>>> Just to clarify, this is an Intel Core2+ specific image (I wanted hyper
>>> threading among other things).  I also used the stable firewire stack
>>> for the poor souls using freebob/ffado.
>>> The .sig files are gpg/pgp signatures that should match my email signature.
>> It would be much appreciated if people were to test the new realtime kernel in Jaunty, and Jaunty itself, now that we released the beta images last week. The RT kernel has been updated since then, so make sure you get all the latest updates for your system.
> I would also like to add that if you can create these packages you might
> be useful to the development team. Please contact us at
> #ubuntustudio-devel on Freenode if you're interested.
I am not sure what your definition of "...can create these packages..."
is, but I have almost always built my own kernels which *usually* work
on my systems :)

I will pop on later tonight when I get home.
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