Cool n' quiet ?

sandie sandie at
Wed Apr 1 00:21:48 BST 2009

I've been running Ibex with a generic kernel as main os the past month 
or so, and to my big supprise, my DAW (EnergyXT2 with several wine 
VSTi's) works fine in this configuration.

but to the point...

I have tested the Beta Jaunty and had some problems getting it to boot 
in the first place, but once I updated my BIOS to the latest available 
and enabled "Cool n' quiet" in my BIOS I was able to install, thou I 
still got some warnings at boot and had to use "startx" to boot.
I wanted to use the ATI propriotary driver (yes I know... not 
recomended), and got some strangeness with panels becoming empty and/or 
useless whenever I tried to change the theme, and visuals was a no-go, 
but I keep it around on a seperate disk and check in daily to see if 
anything have changed.

I didnt think the BIOS settings would have any impact on my Ibex, but my 
DAW became slow and sometimes unresponsive untill I disabled the "Cool 
n' quiet" in my BIOS.

Will the Jaunty main release require "Cool n' quiet" to work ? and if 
so... why ?
Have any of you expirenced simliar wierdness with this ?

btw. my specs are : : ASUS M2N68
cpu : Athlon X2 5000+
ram : 4G
graphics : ATI Radeon 4830
snd : M2496

I use the 32 bit since I need Flash and Java for none-audio-related work.

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