help with Side Chain Compression

adam faranda adam.faranda at
Sun Sep 28 04:15:10 BST 2008

I noticed that there are four LADSPA plugins, named "SC1, SC2, SC3, and
SC4", which I am hoping different types of side chain compressors. I was
experimenting a little with SC3, but I couldn't get any noticeable results;
here's what I did:

I created two tracks, a simple bass line, and a kick drum track with the
kick drum pounding on the down beat.
I waned to use the steady One Two Three Four of the kick drum as the side
chain, applying compression to the bass track.
I loaded the two tracks into Ardour, and used Jack Rack to host the plugin.
SC3 has three inputs. Two of these, I assume,
are for the left and right channels and the third, I believe is for the side
chain. Conveniently, all three of these inputs appear
in Patchage, so I was able to experiment pluging the drum track and bass
track into different inputs. However I couldn't detect any noticeable
in the sound of the bass track no matter what arrangement I used.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with these plugins, or knew of a
better (JACK friendly !!!!! ) way to do side chain compression
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