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David Stocker wrote:
> I'm trying to remove LilyPond 2.10.33 (which came bundled with Ubuntu 
> Studio 8.04) so that I may install the latest version of the program. A 
> typical installation of LilyPond contains an uninstall script that can 
> be run by double-clicking an icon labeled 'uninstall-lilypond' but this 
> file is nowhere to be found on the system. I also tried uninstalling it 
> through the synaptic package manager, however doing so will apparently 
> affect the installation of Rosegarden, which I don't want to do. (I 
> believe Rosegarden depends on LilyPond for it's notation output).
> Another option would be to simply install the latest version of LilyPond 
> and change the path by which the command 'lilypond' accesses the program 
> executables. However, since I'm new to Linux, I would probably need 
> assistance in doing so.
> Does anyone on the forum have any advice?
Instead of the usual make install, try the checkinstall program.  It
should make a .deb so that when you install it, the system can keep
track of it which it can't do if you just manually build it.

Another option is to follow the Debian new maintainers guide and package
this yourself by hand.  Perhaps the maintainer of this package would
appreciate a hand?

A third option is to build it, but not to install it.  You should be
able to run it from the directory it was built in while leaving the rest
of the system alone.

If you none of these options works for you, you should probably just
leave the system be.

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