Ubuntu Studio or Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Mon Sep 22 07:55:38 BST 2008

Rafael Chacon a écrit :
> Also, if someone compared Ulead VideoStudio with software in Ubuntu (Kino, OpenMovieEditor, PiTiVi,etc.). I am looking for the equivalent software for video editing and DVD creation. Which program do you recommend to use?
> Thank you,
> Rafael
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> Subject: Ubuntu Studio or Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate
> Hello,
> I have both Windows XP and Ubuntu on my computer. I prefer Ubuntu, but 
> also need Windows XP for some reasons.
> Because I am starting my adventure with video creation (for my own 
> purposes) I would like to ask you if anybody compared Pinnacle Studio 12 
> Ultimate to applications that are included in Ubuntu Studio.
> I am wandering about ease of use and possibilities of both programs. 
> Which program do you suggest to use?
> Thank you,
> bee.dzej
Hi everyone,

longtime ago, in year 2000, I used to video editing under Windows 
98SE(c) and Pinacle studio 10, it was easy to use, but it was very 
fragile to use too with a lot of crashes. Making a complete video was 
hard. After my GNU/Linux complete transfert, i'm using for the same 
thing Cinelerra.

The closest to pinacle(c) is kdenlive at this time, cinelerra is closest 
to adobe premiere(c) and unlead(c).

Now under ubuntu studio, everything is going right, power and stable 
software for good DVD editing.

Last year, i've tested again pinacle 11 under windows XP pro(c), it 
wasn't working at all, computer unit were strong and powerfull, but the 
software was to ungry of ram memory, the system halts and freeze a lot 
!!! Nothing change !


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