LADSPA plugins absent or not working in Audacity

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Sun Sep 21 01:42:41 BST 2008


Is anyone able to use the standard plugins that come with Audacity?  Mine
are all greyed out in the effects menu.  This is true in all versions on all
operating systems, even though I know I have used them in 1.3.5-beta on the
Mac, but can't now.  I don't recall ever using them in Ubuntu Studio.  I
have looked all over the Audacity site, and it just seems to assume they are
included and work.  I could download some extra ones, but what happened to
the originals?

Audacity is my go-to application when I want to do some quick editing.  I've
yet to learn editing in Ardour, so I'd just like to use Audacity if I could.


Paul in Seattle
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