Got a preamp and not sure if they work with Ubuntustudio

Anton Rolls anton at
Fri Sep 19 05:11:58 BST 2008

Carla wrote:
> Hi I have a Ecko Unltd  preamp mixer M5 and not sure how it will work 

Is this the one?

If so, it is the Pro DJ Systems Professional Preamp Mixer M5
with "*ecko unltd." markings.

> with Ubuntu studio. Well any of the apps. Does anyone use anything like 
> this? I am not even sure wether this is even necessary to use but I 
> found it so ....well it is free afterall. Ultimately I don't know if it 
> is working as I do not have headphones that will fit into it yet(need a 
> guitar jack type). I am sure I will get one soon. I also can't seem to 
> find anything on the net about this model so that is why I am asking 
> here. Any feedback would be good as I was told years back for recording 
> from a mic into a pc that I should use a preamp.
> Carla


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