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Mon Sep 15 00:15:37 BST 2008

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Steve Meiers schrieb:
> Picture instead of an expensive snake, you just run a Cat5 cable between stage (server, ADCs and Ethernet) and the FOH mixer,
> which is just a workstation and a hardware interface only. Forget
sending audio everywhere, keep it on a specialized server
> and let all the control, recording, routing, etc, be done remote via
mention the screenshot - its ardour0.9x - Ron Parker masters with Linux
for some time now and he keeps the data on a RAID-Server that delivers
via Ethernet.

> Back to how this relates to Ubuntu: 
> I haven't seen Ethernet midi drivers yet for Linux,

this works quite easy and stable for up to ten computers - I did a
project last year with it: 8 computers running Linux from LiveCDs
playing as single instruments getting their notes from my laptop running
(sorry - in german only...)

Another network-capable way to deliver and fetch MIDI in Linux is OSC,
more flexible but not as easy to use...

> Gibson offers a Les Paul with Ethernet and other instruments are not far behind. 

If this one sends generic WAV-Data with a generic streamprotocol it
should work in Linux also. The best method to have WAV via Ethernet
under Linux is netjack:

you see - there is even more as you might have expected on GNU/Linux
already.I guess, if you plan something of the above (like having a
FOH-Mixer working via Ethernet), Linux can give you, what you need...

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