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raszobbi raszobbi at
Sat Sep 13 20:57:11 BST 2008

Christopher Stamper wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Maca Cassar <raszobbi at 
> <mailto:raszobbi at>> wrote:
>     hi, i have a bit of a problem installing ubuntu studio on a sata
>     disk because of grub, it always fails.
> How are you installing it? Through the ubuntu setup?
> When prompted, are you allowing it to install on the Master Boot 
> Record of the first drive, or the first sector?
yes, through the ubuntu setup (entirely off install disc); although i 
have managed now but not 100% sure why.

previously when it used to fail, most of the time i think i was trying 
to  install it on the same disk as the os, since i have 3 disks, 3 OSes, 
but use their own bootloader and just change the boot device from bios 
or menu if i need to change, since i stick to one os in long phases and 
don't need to change so often. also makes it easier to make changes to  
one disk without messing up other boot loaders.

this time i just let it go on its own, and it found windows loader on 
first disk, and it added it to grub
 menu. i have first IDE drive as boot in bios and dual boot in grub now. 
I can live with this.

thanks for your reply. if not wasting your time, could you confirm this 
is the case ? for futher ref..

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