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Maca Cassar raszobbi at
Fri Sep 12 22:59:05 BST 2008

hi, i have a bit of a problem installing ubuntu studio on a sata disk
because of grub, it always fails.

in a nutshell - i have tried different linux dists these past few months to
test - also planet ccrma and other non audio production types, but
eventually got to ubuntu studio and only did a test install about a month

it is no longer installed right now and i want to reinstall it for proper
use, but the problem i am having is not limited to ub-studio, and i mean i
have come across this before.

basically i have 3 large disks and i always use a whole one for each os -> 1
is IDE and has windows64, and is normally recognised as the first disk,
whether or not it is set as boot in bios.
the other 2 are sata, one is free (where i want studio64), and one has
freebsd (which i'm using as main os and can run most popular open source
audio programs - but i am still learning about the os and it is beyond my
expertise to optimize as a production system).

i am not sure wether grub fails because the drives are sata or because they
are not the firstt disks, i eventually had wiped the IDE drive and tried
studio64 there, and it worked no problem, but i later needed to reinstall
windows on that drive and want studio64 another drive.

What happens is that the os installs ok, but then grub fails and it don't
know much about playnig with it - either manual install of what, or whether
lilo is good - haven't tried.

should i be having this problem?

p.s. also, on a different note and out of curiousity ( since i don't know
much about linux), is there a technical reason studio 64 is ubuntu as
opposed to other linux? or just a matter of preference?

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