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On 9/12/08, Steven Davies-Morris <sdavmor at> wrote:
> Cory K. wrote:
>  > Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>  >> Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
>  >>
>  >>> The 6 scans can be downloaded and viewed from:
>  >>>
>  >>>
>  >>> Awesome! Thanks Steven.
>  >>>
>  >>> Luis
>  >>>
>  >> You're welcome.  It doesn't tell us much we don't already know,
>  >> and it would have been nice if there'd been one more page of text
>  >>  going a bit deeper into Ubuntu Studio.  But the fact that they'd
>  >>  give it 6 pages and show the range of apps and say such positive
>  >>  things about it is a very good sign that Ubuntu Studio is going
>  >> to be taken seriously as a viable DAW environment.
>  >>
>  >
>  > What sux, is the fact that they're *not* using Studio. It's some
>  > completely messed up Ubuntu. Tons of icons. No Ardour or mention of
>  >  -rt. (that I can see yet) Didn't use the theme. We're pissed. It's
>  >  a misrepresentation.
>  >
>  > -Cory K.
> Um...they added the icons onto the desktop of standard Ubuntu because
>  Windows users expect to see icons on the desktop? ;-)
>  as I said, it's just a surface scratch, and another page going into
>  more about Ubuntu Studio (i.e. real-time kernel) would have been nice.
>  But it's a start -- a useful signpost on the road, even if it's not
>  100% accurate. Certainly good enough to get people to take a look.
>  Here's the letter to the editor from the current issue of CM:
>  "Penguin Power"
>  Thank you for the Ubuntu feature in cm129 -- it's quite literally
>  changed the way I make music! I'd never even heard of Linux before,
>  but having been inspired by your tutorial, I'm now 100% Ubuntu
>  Studio-based when it comes to my music-making. I can't quite get my
>  head around the fact that all this software is free, but just as
>  powerful as many commercial systems.
>  I wholeheartedly recommend giving Ubuntu Studio a go to all your
>  readers. You've got nothing to lose, after all, apart from a bit of
>  hard-drive space!
>  ---M.Haines, London.
>  [editor's response]
>  Can't argue with that. To see Linux as nothing more than an operating
>  system for the cash-strapped would be to do it and yourself a
>  disservice. Ubuntu Studio more than holds its own against Windows, OS
>  X and the music apps available for them -- give it a try; you can't
>  fail to be amazed.
>  ---RM
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I agree with you. Having fingers point at us is always good, but we
disagree with the image they gave from us.

Luckily the ones that know us, will know better. And some of the ones
that don't know us to give it a try and see it is better. The bad
thing is more people would've been interested with a better report.

But having some new users, is more than we can ask from them and we
thank them. Let's hope next time they send us an email and we help
them do a great article for the magazine.


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