Audio Recording in Ubuntu Studio: Hints and Tips

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>>>> Brian Berry wrote:
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>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I am the author of a blog related purely to recording and
>>>>> playing music with Ubuntu Studio and Freeware. The name of the
>>>>> blog is Brian's Bedroom - please feel free to check it out at
>>>>> the following address:
>>>>> Regards, Brian
>>>> That's terrific, Brian. I shall pop over to check it out today,
>>>> probably at lunch time.
>>>> FYI, a recent (August 2008) issue of "Computer Music" (out of the
>>>>  UK for those that don't read it) had a nice look at Ubuntu
>>>> Studio on Hardy with very positive comments. --
>>> Really? I _so_ desire a copy of that. Anybody has it and can scan
>>> it?
>>> Luis
>> I can scan it today. It's a "surface" look, but it is 6 pages long,
>> and very complimentary about the professional quality and wide range
>> of apps available on Ubuntu Studio. I think that's something that they
>> weren't quite expecting (how professional everything is). While it
>> only scratches the surface in looking at apps, it's still a good
>> calling card for Ubuntu Studio.
>> The new issue of CM just came out a couple of days ago. It has a
>> letter to the editor from an aspiring musician who was so excited
>> about what he read that he tried Ubuntu Studio, ditched his Windows
>> setup, and is a convert. I'm going to send them a letter myself this
>> week applauding them for the coverage, and point them to some
>> web-links like Brian's Bedroom Blog -- things that might be really
>> useful and helpful. Plus telling them about this list, of course.
>> --
> Fantastic! This makes me happy.
> Please scan that. I will try to see if I can find a copy of it in a
> big news shop this evening, but I am not sure they will have the old
> number.
> Luis

Ohh... and send it to the list with a new topic. There will be more
people interested and "Audio Recording in Ubuntu Studio: Hints and
Tips" is kinda off-topic.


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