Future Directions for UbuntuStudio dev

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Fri Sep 5 15:07:44 BST 2008

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Luis de Bethencourt schrieb:
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 9:10 PM, Gustin Johnson <gustin at echostar.ca> wrote:
> Steve Meiers wrote:
>>>>  Ditto Alex Stone!
>>>> Audio, audio, audio - that's why I use UbuntuStudio, for the realtime
>>>> kernel and the big bag of AUDIO apps.
>>>> For you developers,
>>>> Don't worry about being 100% in sync with the generic Ubuntu. Be true to

Another opportunity to back that: UbuntuStudio is UbuntuAudio for me too
and to have a not-so-Ubuntuish kernel with rt-caps is better for me than
to have a shiny Desktop that fails me on JACK

> +1 to Gustin, especially about Firewire being a vendor problem. So sad
> there is people interested in devoting their free time with no other
> goal than make more people be able to use their products, and they
> vendors don't seam interested. :(

That situation is partly due to the fact that the hw-industry is bloated
and deals with technologies more and more overdeveloped - the
corporations need to make more money every month and they run out of
reasons to sell new gear. I own 4 pro-grade audio interfaces 2 of them
made in the last century and the only difference between those 2 and the
new one is that the new came at less than half the price.

So what do corporations do now: they try to make more money with the
technology they already have, by suing everybody they can for breaking
patents. A data sheet for an interface can be something like a proof for
lawyers that the chip and or its usage breaks someones "worthy
intellectual property" so there is a major paranoia about releasing specs...

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