Future Directions for UbuntuStudio dev

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Thu Sep 4 21:10:56 BST 2008

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Steve Meiers wrote:
>  Ditto Alex Stone!
> Audio, audio, audio - that's why I use UbuntuStudio, for the realtime
> kernel and the big bag of AUDIO apps.
> For you developers,
> Don't worry about being 100% in sync with the generic Ubuntu. Be true to

It is not that simple.  The 2.6.26 kernel has _problems_ that impact
real time users (like us audio users).

> your original goal, have fun and keep up the great work! We are here
> because we like what you've done and we will wait for your next
> masterpiece no matter how long it takes.
Personally I would keep work as usual.  If the release is not suitable
for production then say so, and we can stay at hardy for our production
machines until Intrepid or its successor is ready.  I do _not_ favour
shipping a .26 kernel, but if there is time for a point release with a
.27 or whatever is appropriate at that time then that would be my first

> My only wish?
> More firewire connectivity, my Profire Lightbridge has no driver yet :(
Very little that can be done here.  Talk to your vendor about it.  There
are coders who would love to do the work, but they need a few things
from the company.  Point them to the following link if possible:

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